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Over the years, we've excavated foundations, prepared and leveled land for residential and commercial projects, and carved out trenches for utilities. Our passion drives us, and we approach every task with the commitment to excellence and integrity necessary to ensure the work is done correctly.

At Dirtworks, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier excavation services tailored to meet the needs of various industries including heavy highway construction, commercial and industrial developments, warehouse construction, railway infrastructure, energy projects, and residential subdivisions. Our team of skilled professionals is equipped to handle projects of any scale, managing large volumes of materials with efficiency and precision. We adhere to strict testing protocols to ensure quality and employ precision grading techniques to prepare your site perfectly for the next stage of development. 

Excavation Services

Yellow Excavator

Preparing your land for construction requires a clear, clean slate, and that's where our land clearing services come into play. At Dirtworks, we specialize in removing all obstacles that stand in the way of your construction project, including trees, rocks, and debris. Utilizing the latest equipment and techniques, we ensure that your land is cleared safely and efficiently, making it ready for whatever construction plans you have in mind. Our comprehensive land clearing services are designed to meet the needs of any project, big or small, ensuring a smooth transition to the construction phase.

Land Clearing

Tractor Deforestation

Beyond our core offerings of excavation and land clearing, Dirtworks provides a suite of specialty services designed to address more specific needs within construction projects. These services include:

  • Soil Stabilization: Enhancing the load-bearing capacity of soil to support heavy construction and ensure the longevity of your project.

  • Aggregate Base Construction: Laying a solid foundation for roads, pavements, and structures with high-quality aggregate materials.

  • Deep Foundation Solutions: For projects requiring extra stability, our deep foundation services ensure your structure is built on solid ground.

  • Deep/Large Drainage Structures: Implementing effective drainage solutions to prevent water accumulation and ensure the longevity of your infrastructure.

  • Rock Excavation: Specialized techniques for removing rock and other hard materials, making way for construction.

  • Import/Export of Materials: Efficiently managing the logistics of material transportation, ensuring your site has what it needs or removing excess materials as required.

Specialty Services

Construction Site
Pipeline Construction
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